Where did you get your education?

Avenue Five Institute

How long have you been lashing?

A little over a year now

What’s your favorite part about Pink Lady Lash?

Can I say everything? Lol. My coworkers are the sweetest souls and the atmosphere is very female-empowering. Shelby holds us to high standards which is important to me because I’m in a constant competition with myself to never stop improving!

Do you prefer lash lifts or lash extensions? 

Extensions! Lash lifts are a great alternative to extensions but as an artist, nothing is better than being able to get into my zone and focus on nothing but creating the perfect set of lashes for each individual client.

What do you ask for when you get your own lashes done? 

It’s taken me YEARS to figure this out but I prefer fullness over length, a natural shape that follows the arch of the brow, and a soft curl that transitions into a perkier curl towards the outer corners because it lifts my downturned eyes 🙂 

What’s your favorite type of look to do on a client?

When it comes to shaping, I love following the arch of the brow  because it’s so flattering on everyone, especially if a client isn’t sure what look they want to go for yet! 

What advice do you have for first time clients?

Definitely come to your appointment ready to relax! Also, I think it’s really important for clients to know that lashes are not a one size fits all kind of thing. Pictures are a great way to show your artist what you like, however, keep in mind that different styles, lengths and curls look different on everyone! 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to read, go on walks, listen to podcasts (I’m a Crime Junkie!), watch scary movies and snuggle with my dogs

What is your fondest memory?

My fondest memories are of my grandmother. She passed away in 2018 but she practically raised me and she’s the funniest, most amazing woman I’ve ever known!

Dream vacation

I would love to go to Finland and stay in one of those glass igloos under the Northern Lights.


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