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Inner Beauty

We’re a lash focused salon that tailors every set to your natural lashes, face structure, and eye shape. 

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Asking your yourself where are the Lash Extensions Near Me? At Pink Lady Lash, lashing is our life. Lashing is our passion, livelihood and our own way to express ourselves with the incredible clients who come see us. 

Our lash artists are at the heart of what makes us different. They each specialize in creating an environment designed to bring out your beauty.​

After taking one step in our salon, you’ll feel comfortable knowing you’re in a space dedicated to your beauty. Our lash artist will greet you, take you into their private salon room and consult with you on the most impactful way to accentuate your look.

Once you are 100% confident in what you want, we will start our lashing process, and you will be looking like your greatest self in no time.

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"It Really Has Been a Gamechanger for Me"

“I feel like I get up and go. I look more wide awake. I wear less make up. I feel more glamorous day to day. Even if folks have had a poor experience with lash extensions or lash lifts to really check [Pink Lady Lash] out. I think going to a quality studio with great estheticians makes a huge difference.”

– Josie C.

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Our Family

It’s clear that all of us are here to make our clients feel beautiful, but we also want to artfully design a set of lash extensions that still preserves the integrity of the natural lashes.

Lash artistry is both a science and an art, not one or the other. Your extensions should both look great and feel comfortable. Your own lashes will not be damaged in the process, and the extensions will look soft, fluffy, and flattering to your own unique eye shape and face shape.

Award Winning

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Amazing Experience

One thing our 50 5 star reviews on Google have in common, is they say they have an amazing experience. Our environment is built for this, and the way our salon is structured, guarantees it. You will have the comfort of an experience tailored to you and a lash artist who to guide you along the way.

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Follow Up and Care

We won’t leave you hanging. Those who want a consistent relationship usually end up with us. A great portion of our clientele are those who have had negative experiences elsewhere and come to us for a new and lasting experience. On top of that, we will follow up with you for any future services you need so you can have a reliable and lasting relationship with your lash artist.
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Best Lashes Available

We provide the best lashing services available because we hire the top lash artists. In fact, we have our own University attached to our salon where plenty of our lash artists instruct future lash artists. Our lash artists are revered around the world and it reflects through the incredible work we do with future clients like yourself.

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TOP Artists

Our lash artists have been through rigorous training to gain their licensing. Among the top graduates of their class, we have chosen the select few outstanding artists who become employed by Pink Lady Lash. It’s a mix between artistry excellence, passion for their craft and their overall ability to create a uniquely impactful experience that makes them the top lash artist.

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Impeccable Environment

One thing you’ll read consistently in our reviews is that our salon is outstanding. It is a reflection of the beauty we aim to accentuate on each one of our clients. Our salon was built with you in mind and we have invested time and energy so the beautiful men and women who come in can amply enjoy it.


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Your time is precious to us

As mentioned earlier, a good portion of our clients have come from other salons that have done a sub par job. Future clients like yourself, have wasted their time and money on other services only to have to reinvest again in to do things right. We don’t want you to waste your time or money!

At Pink Lady Lash, we will do things right the first time giving you a sensational experience along the way.

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Book with us today

We invite you to come into our salon and talk with a lash artist or even give us a call. Taking the first step into a new salon can always be a bit nerve wracking, but we invite you to do so and we guarantee you’ll feel at home.

So many women and men have come into the salon, a bit nervous at first, and then left confident and satisfied with their new lashes. They often become some of our greatest clients and you can read it in their incredible reviews!

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