Where did you get your education?

I have a degree in Sociology from the University of Texas. I went to Ann Webb Skin Institute for my esthetics license but focused on lashes all through beauty school.

How long have you been lashing?

Technically since 2011, but full time starting in 2013.

What’s your favorite part about Pink Lady Lash?

My favorite thing about the company is just knowing how it started and seeing how it has evolved and grown so much. I love that we have stayed true to our original intention of just doing lashes the correct and healthy way and providing a great experience for our clients. I spent a lot of years working on the business and tweaking every aspect from the check-in and check-out experience, to the training and on-boarding of a new team member. It is still a little surreal to me when I walk into the salon on a busy day.

Do you prefer lash lifts or extensions?

Extensions. They replace the need for most eye-makeup. I usually go without mascara, liner AND shadow when I have extensions because I love the look of simply glowy skin, glossy lips, and fluffy lashes on their own. Lash lifts are great but usually you’d still need mascara for that extra pop every day.

What do you ask for when you get your own lashes done?

I love light volume, but I get a more dramatic look when a special occasion is coming up. I love to make my eyes appear bigger so I usually get a shape that has longer lashes in the center of my eyes. I love a perky curl which makes my lashes look longer and again, will make my eyes appear larger.

What’s your favorite type of look to do on a client?

I personally love doing classic most. I think volume gets so much love, but doing classic is really interesting because you can make it appear so realistic yet so dramatic at the same time. I love doing sets that will make people wonder what mascara you’re using.

What advice do you have for first time clients?

Do your research. Listen up during your consultation, we have a lot of good tips to get the best wear out of our lashes. Be honest with your lash artist if you haven’t followed aftercare and listen to our advice! Also know that the process is completely painless, most people fall asleep. The lashes are applied to each individual natural lash, not to the skin or to any other lashes. Lash extensions do NOT cause damage to your natural lashes but improper application definitely will. We use a very minimal amount of adhesive that does not like oil so cleansing your lashes is SO important.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am a new mom, and love every minute I get to spend with my baby. I also love paddle-boarding during the summer or family time in general.

What is your fondest memory?

Giving birth to Blake in January 2020. It was an experience I will never forget.

Where is your dream vacation?

Greece or Italy! Although, I got to visit London recently and that was absolutely magical and NEED to go back. I loved it so much I almost considered moving there for a few months.


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