Where did you get your education? 

Aveda in Austin

How long have you been lashing?

I started lashing at the beginning of 2018 🙂 

What’s your favorite part about Pink Lady Lash?

The atmosphere alone is something both clients and employees love, it’s such a women-empowering and welcoming place! 

Do you prefer lash lifts or lash extensions? 

I’d say I go for extensions normally, but when I had a lash lift, I was also obsessed with how it looked! They both made my “getting ready” routine a lot quicker and easier

What do you ask for when you get your own lashes done? 

My natural lashes are very very straight, so when I get extensions, I ask for a pretty curled look, that opens my eye but also draws it out (since I love winged liner!) I like volume because it gives me the fluffiness I love! 

What’s your favorite type of look to do on a client?

I love doing volume because it’s very customizable- from natural to dramatic! My favorite shaping is adding length toward the arch of their brow, its so versatile and is flattering for every eye shape! For the most part, I do a curly lash because it lifts the eyes and makes them appear more open. 

What advice do you have for first time clients?

Don’t be afraid to be honest and to ask as many questions you may have! We customize each service specifically to you, and what you want. Look on our website or Instagram page for pictures of all the techniques and services and feel free to show your favorites to your artist so we have an idea of what you’re looking for 🙂 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spending the day outside eating good food and good drinks, is my favorite thing ever. 

What is your fondest memory?

My fondest memory up to date, was conquering my fear of flying in 2019 after 6-7 years of refusing to fly. I went to LA with my mom and sister and since then, I’ve flown about 8 more times in one year! 

Dream vacation

I would love to go to Maldives, a small island nation in South Asia. It’s the most stunning, picture perfect beach vacation!


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