Where did you get your education?

Avenue Five institute

How long have you been lashing?

Since 2020

What’s your favorite part about Pink Lady Lash?

I love everyone I get to work with and the work environment it’s very welcoming.

Do you prefer lash lifts or lash extensions?

Lash extensions but during the summer I prefer lifts!

What do you ask for when you get your own lashes done?

I have deep set eyes, I ask for open eye shaping because this really helps accentuate my eyes as well as adding some length!

What’s your favorite type of look to do on a client?

I love to do cat eye. Not many people ask for this style but I think it’s gorgeous for special occasions. It really gives that winged eyeliner effect.

What advice do you have for first time clients?

1)Pre-booking is the best way to keep up with lash extensions and be consistent with it.

2)Always talk to your lash artist and let them know if you want to change anything up. We love hearing feedback.

3)Grab and review our “do’s and dont’s” aftercare card that we have up front at checkout.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to play with my puppy, Knight; play video games with my boyfriend, Hunter; or hang out with family & friends.

What is your fondest memory?

Picking up my pug puppy, Knight. Getting to take him home and take care of him has been a blessing.

Dream vacation

My dream vacation is any beach with clear water and Piña colada in my hands!